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Lady Bird Lake & Bull Creek Engagement Photos— Bri & Chris

July 18, 2023

Lady Bird Lake Boardwalk

Today we are celebrating Brianna and Chris’ engagement, their love for everything outdoors, and connection to nature at the iconic Lady Bird Lake Boardwalk and breathtaking Bull Creek. Get ready to dive into the playful, love story captured in all it’s sunshine soaked glory.

Brianna and Chris are a mix of bubbly, outgoing, and fun-loving. With Austin being Chris’ hometown, it was only fitting that we spend some time with the skyline in frame at the Lady Bird Lake Boardwalk. The scenic skyline served as the ultimate backdrop as these two lovebirds showcased their undeniable chemistry. They were so excited and comfortable together, they made their engagement session so effortlessly playful.

Bull Creek Nature Preserve

The fun didn’t stop there, Brianna and Chris cranked up the fun factor during their engagement session at Bull Creek. With its sparkling waters and lush surroundings, this natural wonderland became the playground for their love story. It was the perfect way to top up such a lovely afternoon together!

Brianna and Chris brought their A-game when it came to playful PDA and sweet vibes. 

Chris serving up all the dips and whispering funny sweet nothings kept Bri giggly all afternoon, their infectious energy was impossible to resist. These two knew how to have a good time- we couldn’t help but capture their lively spirits in every frame.

Lady Bird Lake Boardwalk and Bull Creek were more than just picturesque spots; they were symbols of their adventurous spirits and shared explorations. As we witnessed Brianna and Chris’s engagement session unfold, it was evident that their love knew no boundaries. Whether they were strolling hand in hand, stealing kisses under the afternoon sun, or embarking on daring adventures, their connection shone through. It’s a reminder that love truly has no limits.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse into Brianna and Chris’ adventure-filled engagement photo session at Lady Bird Lake Boardwalk and Bull Creek. I am so excited to celebrate them as they get married this June at Pecan Springs Ranch in Austin. These two show that love is a thrilling ride meant to be embraced with laughter, genuine connection, and exploration! Reach out for more info on engagement sessions today!

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